The ultimate tool to create newsworthy stories

The News-Worth Canvas

The canvas is a tool to systematically create newsworthy stories that people care about and end up in the news channel. This tool resembles a painter’s canvas — preformatted with seven modules — which allows you to paint pictures of new or existing newsworthy stories.

I created this tool to help me and my teams build newsworthy products. Furthermore, this tool has become a shared language that will allow you to easily describe and understand why a story becomes newsworthy. In other words, the News-Worth Canvas is a tool to create stories and also to understand why other stories are newsworthy in a very visual and easy-to-understand way.

dinosaur canvas


Marketing is the price you pay for being unremarkable

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Don’t learn this the hard way…

Most entrepreneurs and innovators with great ideas fail, in many cases because they don’t understand media dynamics. They don’t know what really drives people’s interest.

We have cracked the code. Getting media coverage is not an art; it’s a science. And for the first time, you can learn the science behind achieving media coverage.